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The BC Range Explained

Who Are BC Racing?

BC Racing is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket coilover kits in Taiwan. The BC Racing brand was established in 1999. The BC Racing range is designed in house and focuses on delivering the best in road handling and stability at a very affordable price. BC Racing are also able to build custom setups for a customers specific car, allowing different spring rates to tailor the kit to the customers needs.

This website is run by KAM Racing UK and supplies the complete BC Racing range for UK customers. We can offer custom setups for all BC Racing coilovers and even spring upgrades should you want helper springs, tender springs or just a premium spring manufacturer such as Eibach. Many BC Racing kits are in stock and available with free next day delivery to UK mainland customers. We dont just sell to the UK but can deliver worldwide. Just contact us for a quote!

The BC Range In Full

BC Racing Suspension - V1 Series BC Racing Suspension - Br Series BC Racing Suspension - Rm Series BC Racing Suspension - Er Series
BC Racing Suspension - Ds Series BC Racing Suspension - Hr Series BC Racing Suspension - Zr Series

BC Range Overview

BC Racing V1 Series

The BC Racing V1 Series Coilovers are BC Racing's entry level Coilover kit. These Coilovers are designed for fast road and track use, featuring a combined 30 way compression/ rebound damping adjustment and height adjustable. These BC Racing Coilovers use large oil capacity monotube bodies to improve damper performance.

BC Racing BR Series

The BR Series Coilovers from BC Racing are the most popular product in their range. They are suited for fast road use as well as for those wanting a coilover kit for occasional track or driftday use. The BR Coilovers have easily accessible adjustment knobs with 30 click adjustment, allowing quick tweaking of your cars compression/rebound together. The ride height is also separately adjustable. BR Series Coilovers use a full length height adjustment system so you can run any ride height without affecting damper travel and spring preload. Most BR coilover systems come with pillowball/ solid bearing top mounts to provide the best feedback and to sharpen your steering response. Front and rear camber plates are also available on some kits to allow fine tuning of alignment setup.

BC Racing RM Series

BC Racing’s inverted RM series coilover includes all of the benefits of the BR series including the 30 click adjustment and separately controlled ride height etc, but improves the design with an inverted monotube damper. By using an inverted coilover unit the damper fluid is moved away from the heat from the braking system, allowing the damper oil to run cooler and with greater stability. The inverted setup also handles high-g loads better and is much more durable, coping significantly better with high cornering speeds and sticky tyres on a race track. Another advantage of the BC Racing RM series coilovers is the reduced unsprung weight, as the heavy parts of the coilover are attached to the chassis rather than the hub carrier. This BC Racing coilover range is more suited for track or race focused vehicles in any discipline

BC Racing ER Series

The BC Racing ER series coilover again uses a large monotube damper, but uses large external reservoirs front and rear. The ER series also features 30 clicks of independent compression and rebound adjustment allowing greater fine tuning. The external reservoirs hold much more oil than the BR and RM Coilover ranges, allowing the ER Series coilover to operate in high stress conditions for a much longer period of time before overheating. Rebound adjustment is done on the main damper body, with the compression adjustment done on the external reservoirs. The ER Series includes BC Racing's trademark full length height adjustment system. The ER Series is for those wanting the ultimate in control for their high performance road car, or for track focused vehicles.

BC Racing DS Series (Previously known as DR Series)

For 2018 onwards the BC Racing DR Series has been renamed the DS series. These DS Series coilovers use advanced digressive piston valving, giving improved ride quality and traction. The Digressive pistons allow higher damping at low piston velocity (such as when turning into a high speed corner, but a softer feel with the increased piston speed when you hit a bump or poor condition road surface as well as allowing the car to roll into lower speed corners to improve tyre traction. The BC Racing DS Series has 30 clicks of combined compression/rebound adjustment. The DS Series is a track focused coilover for trackdays and Autocross/ Sprinting.

BC Racing HR Series

BC Racing’s HR Coilover system is similar to the RM Series with its inverted monotube damper but with the addition of 2-way damping adjustment with external reservoirs found on the ER Series. Each HR Coilover system offers inverted mono-tube dampers with 30 clicks of separate compression and rebound. The inverted damper design again moves the damper oil away from the braking system to help avoid overheating and damper fade under extreme use.

BC Racing ZR Series

The new ZR Series Coilovers are an advanced 3-way adjustable coilover system in BC Racings coilover range focusing on the race market, with adjustment of high-speed and low-speed valving independently of each other. ZR Series Coilovers have 30 clicks of rebound adjustment and 15 clicks of low speed compression/ 12 clicks of high speed compression adjustment. On cars with McPherson struts the dampers are inverted. The ZR series has external oil reservoirs also. As with the rest of the BC Racing range the ZR series also have the full height adjustment independent of damper piston travel and spring preload.

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